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If you are interested in Private Coaching on

Attraction, Dating, Meeting Men, Meeting Women,

Confidence, Intimacy, Love, Sex, Commitment,

Partnership or any of the following topic’s, email us!


Private Coaching topics could include:

  • What sounds like it would be really helpful to you?
  • Our Single To Soulmate Program (for Women)
  • Our Attract Your Dream Woman Program
  • Date Coaching or Online Date Coaching
  • How to: Be the Best Lover You Can Be
  • How to: Determine your sweethearts Love Language
  • How to: Keep The Spark Alive
  • How to Say It: Preparing for Special Occasions
  • How to Say It: Preparing for Difficult Situations
  • Body Image, Energy, or Stamina Matters
  • Healing What Hurts
  • How to: Choose Clothes to Match Your Intentions
  • How to: Be On Purpose
  • How to: Find Your Soulmate
  • How to: Attract Your Dream woman
  • How to: Express More Warmth
  • How to: Be Present
  • How to: Be More Radiant
  • How to: Increase Affinity
  • How to: Create Shared Reality
  • How to: Show More Appreciation
  • How to: Listen Deeper
  • How to: Increase Safety, Trust, Alignment, Respect
  • How to: Create More Intimate Communication
  • How to: Upgrade Your Relationship to a Partnership
  • How to: Identify Your Partners True Commitments
  • How to: Save Your Marriage
  • How to: Create a great Online Dating Profile
  • How to: Prepare for a Great Date…First, Second, Third or Special Occasion
  • Exclusivity & Bonding Considerations
  • Relationship Makeover Tips
  • What is True Partnership
  • Verbal & Non-verbal Communication Artistry
  • Healing Past Events that Impacted Self Esteem & Self Confidence
  • Healing Family Dynamics
  • Resolving Business Partnership Issues
  • Clarifying Your Belief or Values
  • Removing Unsupportive Beliefs
  • Fully Releasing Former Relationships
  • Heart Warming Meals & Fun with Aphrodisiacs
  • Decision-making
  • Body Language Training
  • How to: Increase Your Income
  • How to: Increase Your Healthy Energy
  • How to: Be More Productive
  • How to: Manage Money More Effectively
  • How to: Talk About Money More Successfully
  • How to: Communicate so your partner feels more Love, Respect and Trust.
  • What do you most want to understand or experience?
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